Oh finally!

It’s finally been snowy in Seoul.
I understand that, as someone who never grew up with snow outside of the occasional winter vacation, I get a little too excited over something that others, who have actually had to live with it, can find irritating.

But c’mon…isn’t it beautiful?

The last time I lived with snow was in Germany, and in a bout of nostalgia I’ve dredged up some photos of the first real snowfall I’d ever experienced.

My neighborhood looked a bit different then.

I remember that morning: I woke up and cracked open my window to let the fresh air in, just like every morning. But that day, something was disturbingly different………was that ash falling from the sky?!

I remember staring outside, utterly and hopelessly confused for a heavy second, and then, suddenly – OH.

It didn’t stick long enough to enjoy at the Weihnachtsmarkt, but those are picturesque enough by themselves.

Nice to meet you too, winter.


4 Responses to Oh finally!

  1. This Battered Suitcase 19 December, 2010 at 20:16 #

    Wonderful photos as always! I grew up in one of the snowiest cities in Canada, and am back here again for the holidays. I have to admit, I’m really loving the snow at the moment.

    • na-o-mi 24 December, 2010 at 19:03 #

      I wish it would snow more! Unfortunately it’s just brutally cold at the moment…

  2. Sarah B @ Bake + Bike 21 December, 2010 at 06:50 #

    Just came across your blog from someone’s blogroll – your photos are wonderful and I’m really enjoying reading about your travels. Can’t wait to read more.

    Just curious, where are you from originally?

    • na-o-mi 24 December, 2010 at 19:03 #

      Hey Sarah! I’m originally from California :)

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