Back in action

So I didn’t mean to up and disappear for two months, and I was hoping to get out the Malta entries I was aiming for in a timely fashion, but then my hard drive went up in flames and things were slightly delayed. But! We’re back in the game!

(and thank goodness for external hard drives, amiright?)

The strangest thing about Malta was the prices. When I arrived, the country had just switched over from the Maltese lira to the euro, and had done so by doing an exact conversion from the currency rate on that day. Had this rate resembled a round number, there would have been nice round prices, but that wouldn’t have been terribly interesting, would it? As a result, bus tickets were .47 cents. Sandwiches were €2.23. Shirts were €27.68. Everything was slightly skewed and it seemed as though the island was mildly bewildered, dealing with the sudden need for those elusive euro pennies and waiting patiently for some end to this liminal period. I imagined a slight uneasiness, irritation by customers to keep getting so much damn change back, perplexion by shopkeepers as to whether round prices up and face the wratch of the masses, or round down and lose those precious .38 cents. I’d be interested to see which way they went.
Maybe they simply made introduced tip jars everywhere.

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  1. Jessie 14 April, 2011 at 09:45 #

    Aw, your photos make me so nostalgic! And yeah, the price thing was a little weird… although I never really understood Maltese logic in any circumstance. I used to save my pennies from the buses and then use them to buy pastizzis, but I don’t think the shop owners were ever very happy about that!

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