A year in review, January to July


New Years at the Albatross Pub, where we played Scattergories and darts (and Mary got a bullseye, dead on) and drank beer and irish coffees and ate all of the free popcorn.

I was working at a job that I absolutely loved, for a company I believed in and with coworkers I adored. I was spending time with old and new friends from across the board, all pulled towards the Bay by some unseen force that just seems to ensnare young Californians. And it was the beautiful grey, rainy season.

My shiny new camera and I went for long walks around the city.

(but sometimes just stayed at home)


I spent my Tuesdays volunteering at the local university’s anthropology museum, and desperately missed archaeology.

I tried to satiate wanderlust by doing day trips around the Bay. It worked, a little.

(until my car started having serious problems)

I discovered the most perfect café, and seriously contemplated living my life hidden away in its armchairs.


We drove an hour out of our way to eat Indian style pizza. And it was SO worth it.

March was also the month that I was in the height of planning to move to Korea. It was the month I never got any sleep, because as much as I loved the Bay, I was so desperately ready to move abroad again. I just wanted everything to work out. I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t stop my mind from moving at a million miles per hour. I regularly woke up in knots. It was an uncomfortable month.

But Passover was pretty awesome.

(and I discovered the best kosher-for-pesach cookies on the planet!)


I started going to the farmer’s market twice a week.

All the flowers were blooming, and it was a perfect opportunity to start taking long walks around the neighborhood during my lunch break.

I also got my bake on, a lot.

And drove about a thousand times to Sacramento to hang out with bureaucracy.


I took a trip to visit family and friends.

(and my heart broke hourly just being in my favourite city in the entire world)

We played fancy in bougie San Francisco bars.

(and tiki bars too)

And then I turned one year older.


We hired a new girl at work and I finally got my Friday nights back!

Onto the Art Murmur!!

We went to a Lusty Lady fundraiser.

The museum library was coming along nicely.

Pride came and went.

We had a mini-picnic in Dolores Park.

And spent a long time laying poolside.


I had my first real Fourth of July with sparklers!

And got what I wanted.

In the library, I came across the most fascinating book.

I quit the best job on the planet (only marred by the fact that it wasn’t located somewhere else!) and tried not to cry on my last day. But I just couldn’t wait to finally get out of the familiar.

And so began the slow goodbye.

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  1. Ekua 1 January, 2011 at 14:53 #

    Gorgeous pictures. I love how you’ve captured everyday life in the Bay.

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