My name is Naomi, and I stand behind a camera and go ‘click, click, click.’

To be honest, attempting to write ‘about’ pages baffles me. If I had my way, there’d be nothing but a sentence and an e-mail up here (and, admittedly, it might have been that way for a while…). However, I like getting to know the people who write the blogs I read just as much as anyone else, so here goes. By this point, it’s probably obvious that travel is a huge obsession of mine, but to boil it down to a very fine point: people fascinate me. I’m mesmerised by the things we do, the way we think, the desires which manifest themselves around us. I’m in love with archaeology, incessantly curious about psychology, and inherently enraptured by anthropology.

I grew up wading through a transcontinental identity, constantly keeping one eye on the horizon, hopping countries, and always wondering about life on the other side. I’ve lived in Europe, North America, and now Asia. I’ve worked with mummies during a field school in the Atacama desert, I’ve felt something powerful in the Negev, I’ve couchsurfed up the Pacific Northwest, I’ve seen a man with no hands put on a Santa hat at an Italian trainstation, I’ve found my bearings amidst the insanity of a Taiwanese night market, I’ve regained my faith in the kindness of others at a pension in Chefchaouen, I’ve felt my heart shudder and sigh at a million moments around the world when you stop, mid-travel, and acknowledge how truly, unfathomably lucky you are to be seeing this. I’ve travelled to over 30 countries and visited every continent save Australia and Antarctica (but hey, who counts that last one…).

I have no plans to go home for a long, long time.

People fascinate me. Travel sustains me. And an absolutely insatiable curiousity drives me.

Currently living in: Seoul, South Korea.
Currently travelling to: Turkey, Bali or Borneo…

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  1. 2010 June 11

    Good evening – I’ve been running Dave’s Travel Corner for the past almost 14 years, http://www.davestravelcorner.com and I was wondering if you have some time to check my site out and if you like what you see, perhaps you could add a link back on your blogroll section. I have already added your site under my Resources >> Blogs of Travel section.

    Thanks :)


  2. 2010 July 15

    Love your work.

  3. 2010 July 25

    Hey! Love your photos. Just saw you on the TBEX site. I added your blog to our blogroll. Happy travels!


    • 2010 August 3

      Oh WOW. I just checked out your site and absolutely love it! Thanks so much for coming by :)

  4. 2010 August 1

    Yay, I’m glad I found your site! Lovely photography, adding you to my blogroll :)

  5. 2010 November 4

    Your blog is gorgeous! Totally bookmarked.

  6. 2011 March 24

    LOVE IT. Keep on rocking.

  7. 2011 August 1
    Michelle Forsmo permalink

    Stopped by on a recomendation from your Aunt Heather…AMAZING pictures and I really love your writing. I have bookmarked the site and will be visiting often. Reading about all the places you have been makes me want to throw a dart at the map and just take off :-)

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